1. So, if my dates are correct I could potentially have my gender scan on my birthday as I will be 19 weeks. 

  3. I love benetton b-united

    and i will definitely cry on my child’s first day of school. These past few years the list of things I cry at has definitely grown. So, I will most  definitely cry when it’s my child’s first day 

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  4. retrosammie:

    10weeks 1day!
    I collected my ‘mum to be’ pack today! Some really cute stuff! Argh! I can’t wait to see my baby on the scan! I hope everything’s going ok in there! ❤️ so happy!

    I need to get mine. I know Asda is the best place but one isn’t very local. I will get my friend or step dad to drive me lol

    when’s your due date? x


  5. I can’t help but find it crazy that I am growing my tiny human that I will be responsible for forever. 

    It’s a crazy feeling. I am an adult for real now. Have been for a while but this makes it very real (if that makes sense)

    I was thinking earlier how me and my brother really aren’t those kids any more that are growing up together. He’s moved out with a son who turns 2 tomorrow and now me, growing my own baby.

    I won’t be moving out straight away (not that easy), but will eventually. My mum fully supports this and is the one that has said this. This is a great help as an agency worker I won’t be entitled to maternity leave etc which sucks but hey. 

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    Breakfast around the world

    only they missed baked beans for united kingdom, it’s usually 2 halves of a big tomato literally grilled and rashers of bacon not streaky lol. 

    oh and the tea has milk in it and the tea bag isn’t left in. 

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  8. Percy (tabby) keeps searching for Sparti/Ed. It’s heartbreaking. As you can see they were always together and always slept like this.
    Percy is currently next to me cleaning herself.
    I wish I could bring him back for her


  9. I can’t stop crying


  10. My Cat Died Today

    My cat died out of nowhere today. My mum found Sparti at 6am on the sofa with his legs hanging off and him breathing funny. 

    She wrapped him in a towel on the floor to keep him warm, then woke me up. It was horrible to see. He was not his loving, full of life self. 

    At 7.30am we called the vet as that’s when it opened, got ready quickly and took him there. They took him straight away and put him in an oxygen tank. He had x rays too.

    We were then called to speak about his prognosis which wasn’t good. The vet said his lungs had collapsed, his temperature was 32 when a cats should be 38 and she had never seen a live cat with a temperature below 34. She said it was either cancer or pneumonia and we had to make the decision to either try and treat him which probably wouldn’t have worked or put him to sleep.

    We chose to put him to sleep as he was in pain and it was the only thing we could do. It was horrible. 

    It happened quickly and he had us with him.

    It’s so crazy because he was fine yesterday. He was his normal loving self. The kind of cat that wants love from everyone and anyone who can give it. He was so tolerant with my nephew, which is why I really wanted him to meet my baby. We have got so much closer since I have been pregnant. Always laying on my bed, next to me on the sofa and on the opposite sofa until I go to bed then he lays where I sit (which is where he was found)

    My other cat Percy, his companion, life partner and lover is searching for him. Looking out of windows, going round the house, jumped on the side of his sofa and looked at where he would lay. She can’t relax and it hurts me every time I see her. They literally did everything together. They ate together, slept together (intertwined and hugging), cleaned each other. They were just always together.

    It’s really not far because he was such an amazing cat and was definitely part of the family. We have had him since birth and was born in my house (all my cats are related)

    I want him back. I am heartbroken

    R.I.P Sparti aka Ed - answered to both names. A cat loved by everyone who met him


  11. First Midwife Appointment

    Had my booking in appointment with the midwife. She’s nice, but nothing to what I was expecting. I will keep her due to the fact she is based at my doctors which is about a 5min walk.

    She was nice and it went well. My sister in law and nephew came (who was good as gold).

    I had blood tests. Was supposed to do a urine test but didn’t have enough pee to be able to do one, so need to take it up to the doctors when I do it.

    I was weighed and I am 46kg/7st 2 - therefore I am underweight (BMI is 17.5) I knew I would be as the last time I was weighed a few weeks ago I was 50kg and that was the lowest until I would be classed as underweight. 

    My normal weight is about 8.5st and I have struggled with keeping a steady weight since my car crash back in November. My weight depresses me as I want to be at a normal weight. 

    I cannot wait for this sickness to be over so I can get my eating marathon on. I have weight to gain. Just read a few articles saying I can gain up to 40pounds, which made me feel positive.

    I will be having my next scan on the 8th October. Midwife 12th November. An extra scan at about 32weeks pregnant due to my low weight.

    My sickness feels better today since I have rediscovered apple and blackcurrant diluted juice. So, my water intake is becoming back to normal again! 

    Second Trimester means the trimester of eating as much as I can. I need to get healthy not only for me but for this baby! 

    Any other underweight pregnant women or mums who have been underweight and pregnant around?


  12. Anonymous said: Quick question for mumblrs w/ depression. My SO & I are not preventing but not actively TTC. My psych just prescribed a low dose of Prozac. Now, I have to decide if I should take the Prozac, hopefully feel better and risk future potential pregnancies or should I not take any anti-depressants just in case? I'm really torn and need some advice.


    This is a tough decision. So tough, in fact, that I don’t even have a suggestion for you! D: Let’s ask the rest of community. Help, please! SOS

    There are pregnancy and breastfeeding safe antidepressants. I have sertraline. you should take your antidepressants if that’s what you need to do. you may just want to change the ones you do take.


  13. Been in the hospital all day. Had 2 drips, anti sickness meds and blood tests. Now waiting to be seen by a busy doctor so I can go home. Waited just over an hour for him so far

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    everything personal

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  15. Ranting it out

    I just want to cry. I feel awful. I have a sore throat. I’m sick of being and feeling sick. I’m sick of having to hold my nose. I’m sick of randomly crying. 

    I just can’t wait to be in the smoother part of pregnancy. Only reason why I am a bit sad about only being in the 9 week stage is that I now have to repsych myself up to getting to milestones of when sickness could be over. It’s gone up by 3 weeks.

    All I want is cuddles from Steven, but he is too far away. I haven’t seen him for ages due to him working and me being sick so much. We were suppose to be together tonight but had to cancel due to me feeling sick, having sore throat etc. No way could I have gone anywhere.